Maintenance Supervisor

Bessemer, AL

Bessemer Housing Authority


              Position Description – Maintenance Supervisor

                                  (January 23, 2023 – February 5, 2023)




Position Title:

Maintenance Supervisor

FLSA Status:


Reports To:

Facilities Director


Property Management

Salary Grade:


Last Updated:

October 1, 2011



Position Overview


This is highly responsible management work related to the Authority’s property management function.  The incumbent is responsible for the management of all activities related to the maintenance and improvement of the Authority’s Property. The incumbent is also responsible for the assisting with activities under the Authority’s Capital Fund Program (CFP) or any other program providing funding for the construction, renovation, or maintenance of the Authority’s facilities.  Reporting to the Facilities Director, this position is responsible for the supervision of maintenance services provided through the Authority’s Central Office Cost Center as well as providing technical assistance to maintenance staff assigned the Authority’s Asset Management Projects (AMPs). Work assignments are received in the form of broad objectives and performance expectations with minimal direction in day-to-day operations.  This position may supervise administrative and/or maintenance employees.



Duties and Responsibilities


The statements contained here reflect general details as necessary to describe the principal functions of this job, the level of knowledge and skill typically required and the scope of responsibility but should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements.  Individuals may perform other duties as assigned including work in other functional areas to cover absences or relief, to equalize peak work periods or otherwise balance the workload.  The functions listed are also examples of duties that may be required and in no way imply a contractual agreement between the employer and employee or affect the at-will relationship between the parties.


  • Responsible for all aspects of the maintenance services provided through the Central Office Cost Center.  Develops and implements the central maintenance work plan.
  • Manages all work completed by the Authority’s central maintenance crew.  Ensures that work assignments are disseminated and that all work is completed in accordance with the performance standards.
  • Supervises the performance of central maintenance tasks that may include HVAC repair, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, general repair, vacancy preparation, preventive maintenance and related disciplines.
  • Prepares and prioritize maintenance work to ensure proper maintenance resource allocation for maintenance downs.
  • Ensures that all preventive maintenance schedules are maintained and that AMP personnel are completing interim tasks, as required.
  • Oversee the safety program and preventative maintenance.
  • Attends and assist in the hiring process for the maintenance staff.
  • Recruits, supervise, and train Maintenance Mechanics/Maintenance Technicians/Grounds Technicians.
  • Responsible for the management, receipt and completion of all work orders for the central crews.  Ensures that all work orders completed by the central crews are signed by the Property Manager.
  • Ensures the completion of Emergency Work Orders within 24 hours and the timely management and completion of all other work orders received.
  • Recommends to Property Managers any charges to resident accounts for work outside of normal wear and tear in accordance with the dwelling lease.
  • Provides technical assistance to central maintenance and AMP personnel in the maintenance and modernization of all properties.  Solicits input from property personnel on planned modernization activities.
  • Performs quality control inspection on at least 5% of completed work orders.
  • Assists with the preparation of initial budgets for various capital improvements, including the Annual Statement under the CFP in consultation with the administrative staff, maintenance personnel, and residents.
  • Conducts and participates in resident consultation or public hearings related to CFP or related grants.  Documents notification and attendance and maintains meeting minutes.
  • Reviews plans, specifications, IFBs, and RFPs prepared by professionals for accuracy and consistency with construction or renovation needs.  Consults with the Finance Director on changes in the scope of work.
  • Provides input in reviewing requests for change order from contractors or professionals for consistency with the solicitation documents and recommends approval or disapproval to the Director of Facilities.
  • Performs daily inspections of construction or renovation work (whether contract or with in-house personnel).  Notes any issues or discrepancies and, if applicable, reports to any contracted professionals.  Keeps the Facilities Director informed of the status of all construction or renovation work.
  • Coordinates the receipt and verification of Certified Payrolls from all contractors for compliance with Davis-Bacon Wage Rates with the Facilities Director.  Conducts individual employee interviews to verify pay amounts and terms.
  • Oversees central maintenance purchasing functions in accordance with established policy. Requisitions or purchases appropriate parts and materials for central maintenance personnel in accordance with the Authority’s procurement policy and/or materials management procedures.
  • Conducts annual inventory of all parts and materials in stock.  Conducts random inventories, as needed, to reduce shrinkage and ensure proper accounting of materials used.
  • Represents the Authority on a daily basis on the site in accordance with established policies and procedures.  Ensures that the Authority’s interests are protected at all times and communicates any issues to their assigned supervisor or the Executive Director.
  • Attends professional meetings and technical training sessions to ensure proficiency in the applicable trades.



Additional Management Responsibilities


This position is responsible for certain management duties that pertain to the operation or improvement of all agency programs and properties.  These additional management responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following.


  • Coordinates and manages all assigned personnel in accordance with the Authority Maintenance Plan and Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Prepares periodic reporting related to central maintenance performance.  Generates invoices to Property Managers on a periodic basis for services provided by central maintenance personnel.
  • Provides support to the Facilities Director including reporting on central maintenance crew utilization, work order completion, modernization project administration, and construction project status.


Additional management duties may be assigned, as needed, to ensure the maximum performance of the programs and properties assigned.



Required Knowledge and Abilities


  • Knowledge of the structure, operations, policies, and procedures of a Public Housing Agency.
  • Knowledge of the vision, mission, and purposes of the Authority as established by the Board of Commissioners and the Executive Director.
  • Knowledge of current trends in effective property management and maintenance.  Ability to proactively modify operational approach to maximize the performance of assigned properties.
  • Knowledge of requirements under the CFP and other capital improvements funding sources, including planning, implementation, and reporting.
  • Knowledge of current construction and renovation methods as well as applicable codes and regulations pertaining to construction and renovation.
  • Knowledge of the Authority’s facilities, including location, structure, and layout including associated utilities.
  • Knowledge of the Public Housing Assessment System and ability to apply standards to maximize the score of assigned properties and the agency as a whole.
  • Ability to plan, organize, and develop a variety of operational and management systems related to the position.  Ability to orient other workers and to explain regulations, policies, procedures, or processes.
  • Ability to produce periodic reporting and provide clear and concise performance data to the Executive Director, including applicable recommendations for improvements.
  • Ability to present ideas and information in a clear and concise manner, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, vendors, consultants, contractors, professionals, residents, HUD, and local, state, and federal officials.  Ability to communicate with people from a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds.



Performance Standards


Performance standards are provided to help facilitate the periodic evaluation of the degree to which the employee meets the requirements of the job.  The performance standards below represent examples and are in no way all-inclusive.  The Authority reserves the right to add or change performance standards through a modification of the position description, a supplemental performance evaluation tool, or written or verbal communication between the employee and their supervisor or the PHA Executive Director.  Achieving the performance standards in no way guarantees a change in compensation and does not supersede or affect the at-will relationship between the employer and employee.  Examples of performance standards for this position include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Ensures the completion or abatement of all emergency work orders within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Ensures the completion of all other work orders within 10 calendar days of receipt.
  • Ensures that the preventive maintenance schedule on all assigned building components is maintained.
  • Ensures that billing to AMPs is completed in a timely manner and is consistent with the services performed.
  • Ensures that all assigned duties related to modernization and/or construction are completed within the appropriate timeframe.



Minimum Education, Training, and/or Experience


This position requires graduation from an accredited college or technical school with a degree or certification in a related trade; a minimum of five years' experience supervising and/or maintaining multifamily rental property; a minimum of five years' experience managing construction or renovation projects; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience that provides the required knowledge and abilities.



Physical Requirements


This position is required to work in less-than-ideal conditions, including noise, high-traffic areas, rough terrain, and undeveloped areas.  The incumbent must have the ability to access all portions of their assigned site during normal operation and during active construction or modernization.  The incumbent must access all areas of a property including the attic, basement, or crawl space and must be able to work/inspect in wet, damp, hot, cold, or dusty places.  Must be able to work while standing for extended periods of time.



Special Requirements


  • Possession of a valid Alabama driver’s license.
  • Must be able to be covered under the Authority’s vehicle insurance policy.
  • Must be bondable.