Community Center Manager

Bessemer, AL



Position Description Community Center Manager


Position Title:

Community Center Manager

FLSA Status Non-Exempt

Reports To:

Property Manager

Departmental/Level: Multifamily

Location: Jess Lanier

Effective Date: September 1, 2019



This is a part-time position where the individual is responsible for the day-to-day management of the nutrition program at the center. The center manager is to maintain day-to-day contact with OSCS Nutrition Coordinator and sponsor (contractor) regarding all center related activities.


Receive and record meal deliveries from contracted food vendor, daily; sign vouchers completing data for meals delivered, food quality, temperatures, shortages, and problems; return original copy to vendor daily; and five yellow copies (M-F) along with meals served report and contribution report to OSCS, weekly.

Maintain a minimum of twenty-five participants per day. Plan outreach events not less than once per quarter to increase and maintain level attendance.

Complete AIMS application on new participants.

Attend ALL regular scheduled Staff, In-service meetings, and annual managers' training.


Center managers' meetings are the first Tuesday of each month.

Submit monthly meals changes calendar by the third week of each month for the upcoming month to increase or decrease meals. Meal changes will not be taken over the telephone except in cases of emergencies. These changes should be received by Friday of each week.

Develop monthly calendars with planned activities in mandated areas, i.e., consumer education, Health & Welfare counseling, nutrition education, health screening, information and referral, transportation, and recreation.




          Complete all reports in a timely manner, monthly Calendars, Supportive

          services, Volunteers Report and AIMS. These are to be at the main office

          (OSCS) no later than the first Tuesday of each month or the fifth of each



          The Weekly Meals Report, Shortages should be mailed to OSCS at the end of

          each week on Friday.


          Establish an alternate vendor to purchase meal items for use when there are shortages,

          replacements, etc. when errors occur due to contracted vendor problems only.


          Develop an advisory committee for the purpose of increasing attendance in the center.

          The Advisory Council should meet at least once per quarter. Submit copies of minutes

          to OSCS and contractor.


          Supervise and assist with food serving, make sure all safety precautions are observed, and

          food is served appropriately.


          Pack meals for homebound clients for delivery by MOW volunteers, daily. Homebound

          Meals are to be dipped before the regular congregate meals are served.


          Arrange for transportation and special events with the OSCS Nutrition Coordinator for



          The AIMS form must be completed before transporting a senior to the center or special event

          on ClasTran.


          Recruit volunteers to assist in various tasks at the center, including community volunteers

          who do not attend the senior garden.

          Maintain an inventory of supplies at the center and order supplies as needed.  

          Monitor and maintain a clean, sanitized hazard free facility.


          Develop and maintain a confidential system for collecting contributions donated by

          participants using the lockable receptacle provided by OSCS.


          Develop and post fire safety route with fire drill once a month. 

          Other duties assigned.