Director of Multifamily Assistance

Bessemer, AL

                          BESSEMER HOUSING AUTHORITY

                  Position Description – Director of Multifamily Assistance


Position Title:

Director of Multifamily Assistance

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Reports To:

Deputy Executive Director


Multifamily Housing

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Last Updated:

July 1, 2019



This is highly responsible management work related to the Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program and the Project-Based Rental Assistance Program. The incumbent is responsible for the management of all activities related to the multifamily assistance programs. Reporting to the Deputy Executive Director, this position is responsible for eligibility, leasing, continued occupancy, termination, and inspection of all participants and properties in the programs. The incumbent is also responsible for the financial performance of the programs. Work assignments are received in the form of broad objectives and performance expectations with minimal direction in day-to-day operations. This position may supervise administrative employees.


The statements contained here reflect general details as necessary to describe the principal functions of this job, the level of knowledge and skill typically required and the scope of responsibility but should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements. Individuals may perform other duties as assigned including work in other functional areas to cover absences or relief, to equalize peak work periods or otherwise balance the workload. The functions listed are also examples of duties that may be required and in no way imply a contractual agreement between the employer and employee or affect the at-will relationship between the parties.

1.  Responsible for the Multifamily Assistance Program (50059).

2.  Responsible for all aspects of the operation of the Housing Choice Voucher Program (tenant-based rental assistance).

3.  Responsible for all aspects of the operation of the Project-Based Rental Assistance Program.

4.  Performs or supervises the performance of eligibility tasks related to intake and continued occupancy.

5.  Performs or supervises the performance of verification tasks that may include background checks, income verification,         documentation of family composition, verification of citizenship status, and other tasks as defined in the Administrative       Plan or the applicable Management Plan.

6.  Process the 50059 for Multifamily Assistance in accordance with 4350 Handbook.

7.  Manages the occupancy functions of the Housing Choice Voucher Program including the issuance of vouchers to                     prospective participants, coordinating voucher briefings, processing of Requests for Tenancy Approval, and oversees the       inspection process in accordance with Housing Quality Standards.

8.  Processes and evaluates any requests for extensions to voucher expiration date in accordance with the administrative           plan.

9.  Ensures the completion of contracting in accordance with the administrative plan and ensures proper execution by               participant(s) and owner in accordance with Authority policy. Processes contract in the Housing Assistance Payment             (HAP) system to ensure payments to owners.

10.  Oversees the processing of monthly Housing Assistance Payments to owners and Utility Reimbursement Payments to               participants, as applicable. Provides for special or nonroutine payments as appropriate. Holds or abates Housing                   Assistance Payments in accordance with the administrative plan to ensure program compliance and integrity.

11.  Ensures the annual inspection of all properties on the program at least annually in accordance with the Housing                   Quality Standards as issued by HUD or other protocol imposed by HUD, local code, or state regulations.

12.  Ensures the proper documentation and files for the termination of participants in default of their contract in                       accordance with Authority policy. Notifies owners of such termination. Represents the Authority in court as directed by         the Deputy Executive Director.

13.   Absorbs or administers incoming vouchers from other agencies in accordance with portability regulations. Monitors all          outgoing portable vouchers that are not absorbed by the receiving agency.

14.   Manages the property management functions for the Multifamily Assistance Program through subordinate Property                Managers to ensure the effective and efficient operation of assigned properties. Establishes and maintains goals and            standards to meet this objective.

15.   Oversees the leasing performance of assigned developments and provides training and support to Property Managers            to maintain acceptable occupancy levels. Ensures that all leasing is completed in accordance with the applicable                Management Plan.

16.   Oversees the assessment and collection of all rents and charges in assigned developments. Ensures that property                  receivables are within the prescribed standard.

17.   Ensures that all properties are inspected in accordance with the applicable protocol and that Property Managers assist          with the development of plans to address deficiencies. Ensures that Property Managers take responsibility for the                physical condition of their grounds, buildings, and units. Ensures that Property Managers hold tenants accountable for          their lease obligations.          

18.   Assists Property Managers with the preparation for various external inspections and reviews to include Management              Operations Reviews by the PBRA Contract Administrator. Reviews and monitors all compliance activities for HUD’s                Multifamily Housing Program, funding sources, or other entities with oversight responsibility. Reviews any compliance          issues with the Deputy Executive Director.

19.   Performs quality control inspections on applications, voucher issuance documents, Housing Assistance Payments                    contracts, project-based contracts, inspections, and other program activities to ensure compliance with applicable              regulation and Authority policies and procedures.

20.   Represents the Authority on a daily basis on the site in accordance with established policies communicates any issues            to the Deputy Executive Director.

21.   Reviews Federal Regulations and HUD directives to ensure the Authority’s compliance and advises the Deputy                        Executive Director of any necessary changes to policies and procedures to conform   to regulations. Assists the Deputy          Executive Director in the development and approval process for policy and procedure changes.

22.   Attends professional meetings and training sessions to ensure proficiency in the eligibility, property management, and          program compliance fields.


This position is responsible for certain management duties that pertain to the operation or improvement of all agency programs and properties. These additional management responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following.

1.     Manages and directs all aspects of the Multifamily Assistance Program.

2.     Manages and directs all aspects of the Project-Based Rental Assistance Program.

3.     Manages reporting for the Housing Choice Voucher Program under the Section Eight Management Assessment Program            (SEMAP) and prepares the annual certification as required by HUD regulations.

4.     Manages reporting and compliance for the Multifamily Assistance Program (50059) and oversees the annual review and          renewal process.

5.     Prepares periodic reporting to funding agencies as required by the program.  Ensures that requests for funding and              invoices for management fees are prepared and submitted as required.

6.     Provides periodic reporting and update to the governing boards (including the agency Board of Commissioners)                      regarding program performance. Recommends changes in policy or procedure as needed to improve overall                          operational performance.

Additional management duties may be assigned, as needed, to ensure the maximum performance of the programs and properties assigned.       


1.     Knowledge of the Multifamily Assistance Program in accordance with the HUD Handbook 4350.

2.     Knowledge of the structure, operations, policies, and procedures of a Public Housing Agency.

3.     Knowledge of the vision, mission, and purposes of the Authority as established by the Board of Commissioners and the          Executive Director.

4.     Knowledge of current trends in effective Multifamily Assistance Program management.

5.     Knowledge of current trends in effective Housing Choice Voucher Program management. Ability to proactively modify          operational approach to maximize the performance of assigned programs.

6.      Knowledge of the Multifamily Assistance Program and ability to apply standards to maximize the score.

7.      Knowledge of current trends and reporting requirements under the Multifamily Assistance Program (and any                         associated funding sources).

8.      Knowledge of current trends and reporting requirements under the Project-Based Program (and any associated                     funding sources).

9.      Ability to plan, organize, and develop a variety of operational and management systems related to the position.                   Ability to orient other workers and explain regulations, policies, procedures, or processes.

10.    Ability to calculate and understand various indicators of program performance including utilization rate, turnover                 rate, rejection rate, occupancy rate, collection rate, etc.

11.    Ability to produce periodic reporting and provide clear and concise performance data to the Executive Director,                   including applicable recommendations for improvements.

12.    Ability to present ideas and information in a clear and concise manner, both orally and in writing.

13.    Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, vendors, consultants, contractors,            professionals, residents, HUD, and local, state, and federal officials.  

14.   Ability to communicate with people from a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds.



Performance standards are provided to help facilitate the periodic evaluation of the degree to which the employee meets the requirements of the job. The performance standards below represent examples and are in no way all-inclusive. The Authority reserves the right to add or change performance standards through a modification of the position description, a supplemental performance evaluation tool, or written or verbal communication between the employee and their supervisor or the PHA Executive Director. Achieving the performance standards in no way guarantees a change in compensation and does not supersede or affect the at-will relationship between the employer and employee. Examples of performance standards for this position include, but are not limited to, the following:


 1.   Ensures that the Housing Choice Voucher Program utilization rate is 97% or higher of either Operations Review.

 2.   Ensures that the occupancy rate in assigned HUD Multifamily properties is 97% or higher.

 3.   Ensures that all properties are inspected at least annually.

 4.   Ensures a SEMAP score of 90% or higher and no significant findings under a Management available funding or voucher             authorization.


This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Development, Business Administration, Public Administration, Management, Finance, or related field of study from an accredited college; A minimum of five years’ experience managing voucher programs; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience that provides the required knowledge and abilities.


This position is required to work in less-than-ideal conditions, including noise, high-traffic areas, rough terrain, and undeveloped areas. The incumbent must have the ability to access all portions of their assigned site during normal operation and during active construction or modernization. The incumbent must access all areas of a property including the attic, basement, or crawl space and must be able to work/inspect in wet, damp, hot, cold, or dusty places. Must be able to work while standing for extended periods of time.


 Must be bondable.